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Application Management

Various applications used throughout the network should be properly managed to ensure proper access to each application while protecting the application files and environment. Robinson IT team is highly experienced in distribution of access to various applications throughout the network using profile management and other security measures to ensure proper access to all users in need of using the application while protecting the data.

Web Based or Cloud Based applications also known as SAAS are more and more common in business environments today; while the cloud is offering a more reliable platform for applications to reside on, access control to such applications can be a challenging task. Robinson IT engineering team has been involved in many scenarios where multiple applications are hosted outside of a network on a cloud environment or a public host. Through implementation of a smart and functioning Single Sign On (SSO) protocol, Robinson IT has assisted many business in distributing access to multiple applications and environments using a single authentication layer. This allows users to switch between various applications without the need of authenticating multiple times while the SSO manages the security records and the relationship between users and various application environment.