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Hosted Applications

Hosted applications are more common throughout the business networks of today. By hosting the application in a cloud environment, companies increase reliability and accessibility to the applications and data that needs to be accessed by users from various locations. This practice eliminates the need of maintaining an often-costly local infrastructure investments and maintenance. The ongoing costs of a hosted application is often far less than the investment and time it truly takes to maintain such local environment.

Hosting an application on the cloud allows for much better backup and disaster recovery measures that sometimes could be challenge or very costly if the application is hosted on a local network.

At Robinson IT, we have been helping many companies throughout the years to migrate vital applications to a cloud provider such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Whatever the application may be, Robinson IT can assist in designing a suitable cloud network which would securely host the application and enable users across many locations have access to the application.

Tailored to your needs

At times, the use of a Remote Desktop Server may be necessary for users to access such applications as the nature of some applications may reduce their performance while executed over a VPN or a WAN connection. In such instances, Robinson IT team will design a shared remote environment where users will be able to login to a remote profile using RDP protocol to access the application locally on the cloud, which increases the performance while benefiting from the reliability offered by a hosted application.

Some applications are also designed initially as hosted, where the application provider either hosts the program as well as the customer data within their network and all customers can use the application using a Browser or other software for access. But more and more application vendors and providers are switching their model to make use of the widely available cloud providers to host their applications to offer increased reliability and performance to their customers without the risks and cost of maintaining a local infrastructure.

Regardless of the requirements or your security concerns surrounding your data, Robinson IT can assist in ensuring that the best solution is brought to your company to allow you to utilize the best technology that the industry must offer in hosting and maintaining your applications.