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Hosted VoIP/ Unified Communications

The use of the Internet has evolved to include voice communication for some time now. However, many businesses still rely on outdated and older technology such as Analog lines to handle their voice communication. Such older technology is not only more expensive to subscribe to and maintain, but also offers a limited set of features and services in comparison to the newer Internet based voice systems.

By using cloud based or hosted technology, companies today can offer much greater quality of voice as well as richer list of features that are offered by such platforms. Using a cloud based Voice over IP (VoIP) service, companies can get up and running with hundreds of lines and extensions within minutes in multiple locations, without the need of spending a large amount of money upfront to invest in a costly PBX unit that would need to be hosted in their office and maintained routinely by costly technicians.

The Hosted VoIP solutions allow small and large companies to enjoy a reliable telephone system that can be managed and tailored on the fly, offering much better quality of voice on their desk phones than any other traditional PBX systems. Moreover, the recurring cost of the phone system, will be reduced to a fraction of what it traditionally is for most companies by switching to Hosted VoIP. Most Hosted VoIP solution, such as the Robinson IT’s Hosted VoIP solution, also offer the choice of using a Softphone or an App that can replace the traditional Desk Phone for users who prefer using their computers or smartphones to call and receive calls.