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Domain Controller Management

A Windows Server can be configured as Active Directory Domain Controller to host the Active Directory database and maintain other security and access policies for the entire network. Such servers are mainly referred to as Domain Controllers.

Domain Controllers within Windows networks are extremely vital to the operation of the network. Among other things, the Domain Controller manages all authentication throughout the network and maintains updated records of each object such as users, computers, servers or any other network object.

The Domain Controller’s role is immensely important within the network as most part of the network would not function if there are no Domain Controllers available to handle all requests throughout the network. Because of the vital role that Domain Controllers play throughout the network, experienced network administrators equip their networks with more than one Domain Controller to allow for redundancy between multiple Domain Controllers if the primary or any other Domain Controller would go down for any reason. Such additional Domain Controllers are also called Backup Domain Controllers.

Knowing the important role that Domain Controllers play throughout the network, the need for a proper Domain Controller Management is vital; At Robinson IT, we have been involved in designing, maintaining and managing many small and large networks with multiple Domain Controllers across multiple sites, for many years. Our experienced team of engineers have been involved in executing successful Domain Controller Management protocols and policies and further improving the concepts through unique scripting and programming of various parts of the Domain Controllers to improve performance.