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Hardware Maintenance

Hardware maintenance refers to the constant monitoring and management of all hardware components within a physical server or a virtual host. By properly monitoring all hardware components such as Hard Drives or Network Cards on a server, Robinson IT administrators can ensure that all components on each server are functioning within the standards and thresholds expected for the server and help address any faulty or malfunctioning component by replacing or upgrading them. At Robinson IT, we strive to extend the lifetime of each server or device we manage by vigorously monitor and finetune all aspects of the hardware to maximize efficiency and performance throughout the production environment of each network we manage.

By using sophisticated agents installed on each physical server or virtual hosts, our Network Operation Center (NOC), can quickly and remotely respond to any alerts generated, indicating a fault or error on any hardware component. Following these methods, Robinson IT can help preventing any downtime of your servers or essential environments. Aside from remote monitoring of the servers, a periodic physical inspection of each hardware is also recommended to further uncover potential issues that can be missed by any remote agent. The physical inspection of the server environment also allows administrators to keep an eye on the conditions of the area the servers are being hosted to ensure proper air conditioning is in place to allow cool air circulation around all hardware within the server room.