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Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring means to monitor the traffic on the network as well as all nodes connecting or generating the traffic, such as network routers, switches, servers, computers and various other devices connected to the network. By doing a proper monitoring of a network, administrators can not only secure the network better, but they can also enhance the network performance, adjusting the traffic routes to reduce latency or remove problems.

Robinson IT engineers take Network Monitoring very seriously. Computer networks are under more attacks today than ever before, which makes it more necessary to monitor the events and traffic on the networks 24/7. By using smart and leading tools within the industry, such as SolarWinds and LabTech, Robinson IT engineers can detect and act fast on any type of traffic flagged as malicious.

Besides the security aspects of the need for network monitoring, the operational aspects of the network are also monitored by Robinson IT engineers 24/7, to ensure optimum performance and uptime. Network Monitoring of various devices will allow administrators to be alerted about possible issues within various devices that could potentially disrupt the network operations or at least part of it. Some of our most common tools include: 24/7 Network Health and performance monitoring, Next level Security & Risk Monitoring, Optimized Bandwidth Monitoring, Fast Act Intrusion Detection, Event Monitoring, Hard Drive Capacity Monitoring.