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Server Management

Servers are among vital parts of any network. They hold the key to your domain environment, host your applications, send and receive emails, maintain company documents and file structure, host company databases and much more. Proper management of servers is essential to maintain a healthy production environment within any business computer network.

Robinson IT’s Server management involves core management and maintenance of both the physical hardware of Servers and Virtual Hosts as well as management of the soft components of the servers such as the operating system, the applications and various roles that a server could be handling. Robinson IT offers the most complete set of services in properly maintaining and managing your servers which include Server installation, upgrade, migration, virtualization and migration.

Robinson IT works with you to ensure the infrastructure of your server system is dynamic—adapting to changing market demands while meeting your fiscal requirements.

Some of Our Server Management Services Include:

Server Installation

Robinson IT can help you build-out a private server infrastructure, implement a cloud-based environment or set-up a hybrid. Determining the appropriate system depends on your company’s operational and future-planning goals as well as financial criteria…


Server Upgrades

Whether you need upgrading the hardware on an existing server, the operating system on an older server, or moving your server environment into any other physical or virtual hosts, Robinson IT can help in making this upgrade as seamless as possible to your production environment with guaranteed results to match your requirements…


Server Migration

At some point, your company might need migrating certain environments to other locations or hosts; this could be involving a server that is going to be a virtual server within a new virtual host at your company office or migration to a cloud environment…


Hardware Maintenance

Hardware maintenance refers to the constant monitoring and management of all hardware components within a physical server or a virtual host. By properly monitoring all hardware components such as Hard Drives or Network Cards on a server…


User Profile Management

Access to servers in various networks are distributed based on the need and the role of each user or application. The management of all access to each server is done through proper Profile Management. Robinson IT engineers will design and configure various profiles…


Application Management

Various applications used throughout the network should be properly managed to ensure proper access to each application while protecting the application files and environment. Robinson IT team is highly experienced in distribution of access to various applications throughout the network…


OS Install and Repair

Robinson IT team can assist in any new OS installation or repair for any platform such as Linux or Windows or any other common operating systems. A faulty operating system on a server could potentially disable the entire server’s functionality or at least…


Continuous System Maintenance

For any server to perform at its optimum level, continues system maintenance needs to be in place. This is a combination of hardware and software monitoring and response which can be done both manually as well as automatically…



Server virtualization makes it possible to run multiple applications and operating systems on fewer hardware resources, which appeals to many IT managers looking to improve utilization. Per a recent Forrester Research poll, respondents have virtualized about one-quarter of their servers…


Active Directory Management

Any professionally configured network needs a central entity that holds and manages all policies and details of each object on the network. Such objects could be users, computers, servers, printers or any other network related object. Windows uses Active Directory to control all policies…


Domain Controller Management

A Windows Server can be configured as Active Directory Domain Controller to host the Active Directory database and maintain other security and access policies for the entire network. Such servers are mainly referred to as Domain Controllers…


Software Upgrade & Maintenance

All applications and software hosted or installed on a server or a personal computer, will be continuously updated and maintained by Robinson IT engineering team as Server Management also involves management of all applications and services on a server…


Disk and Storage Management

Disk and Storage Management throughout the network is an important part of the overall management of the network. By utilizing smart agents and monitoring tools, Robinson IT support team can keep an eye on every disk and storage location throughout the network…


Updates, Service Packs, Patches, & Hot-fixes

Robinson IT’s smart agents are installed on all servers across all networks that we manage to seamlessly download and deliver all updates, service packs, patches and hot-fixes to the servers and hosts managed by us. Using such centralized updating and patching methods…



Server virtualization makes it possible to run multiple applications and operating systems on fewer hardware resources, which appeals to many IT managers looking to improve utilization. Per a recent Forrester Research poll, respondents have virtualized…